Need To Sow The Quality Seeds.

It is a chronicle of me and my friend’s journey to amarkanak in the hotbed of naxals.


I reached the destination (Raipur) after 18 hrs journey on time.

He was coming from Mumbai. It has been four years since we met last time. I was very thirsty and eager to meet him after so long. Station was crowded; only things I could see and hear were heads of people and announcements of trains. I went to enquiry counter; sir what’s the position of Shalimar express? 8029 train no, I asked.

He answered; Late by one and half hour. Shit! I groaned.

In reminiscence, I went to my childhood musing about unforgettable school days precisely spent with him.

It was last day of our school but he didn’t come. I sat aside, alone under 80 years old wise banyan tree, I said: my friend didn’t come to meet me before leaving India; he is going Australia for higher studies. What would I do here without him, alone? Why can’t I too go with him? Ryan is going; I screamed and then kept mum musing (my life would go drab in absentia).

“Today life is making distance between you, but if your willpower is as high as skies than that distance would become negligible one day”;A voice came from somewhere, might be from the tree or from my inside.

From that day I’ve been desperately waiting for him. Finally that day has come. A 5’10’’heighted, flamboyant, cool looking guy Ryan came out. I hit hard on his shoulder, he did the same and then we hugged as if a baby gets adhered with his mama and doesn’t want to go out of his mama’s love, but who was mama and baby between us, don’t know; this often we used to do during our unforgettable school days.

As pre-decided by us i.e.  Purpose of our journey was to know the mystery of origin of the pristine river Narmada which people are besmirching day by day.

It was serene night we were in the jungles of satapura region.

As it was the January so it was too chill inside the bus, it was night 10:30, conductor switched off the television; most of the people inside bus wanted to sleep. What is this mark in your face? ryan I yelled. There was a cut in his left cheek as if somebody has sliced watermelon using knife liked shape.

Shrut, do you know recent hike in racism attacks on Indians in Australia? Hmm I heard.

It was Thursday I was going to attend the workshop; workshop venue was within commuting distance from main building, in our college held after the conflation of two Australian real state giants to study earnest money dispute. In the mid-way I ran into a trouble, four barbarians attacked me from back by empty broken beer bottle and demanded for pelf I gave them whatever I had at that time. So dear, this is given by them.

I fell ahead; it was a shock due to a sudden brake. The whole road was blocked; there were some trees on the road and silence was at its peak and then an impulse of thoughts struck to my mind it’s a trick god damn it, it’s a whole trick. Shrut! What happened man? : Ryan shouted and afterwards we were caught in between 15 men armed with AK47, we were facing cult of violence the NAXALITES. First time I witnessed how a smooth turned into havoc, how heaven turned into hell. Everything has been changed in just few minutes in front of our eyes. Our whole gusto died. We couldn’t fathom what was going around us, everyone there was in limbo. We were told to make a row and follow them. We reached in a hidden area in the jungle. An unknown man came might be he was the leader of their group, we were all arranged in two rows in front of him, he was standing in the altar, he could see each one of us, he could see our deathly eyes. He then called lohi pratap singh from in between us. Lohi pratap singh was a police officer and this whole trick was made to kidnap him. That leader’s name was kevi. His voice was firm, too sound that it was vibrating my heart. He demanded his leaders back in return of officer and mob.

Cooperate with government; it is there for you, villagers, and tribes and for destitute. Sign the affidavit, throw your gun, government would take affirmative action. I can assure you of amnesty, it would be a covenant between naxals and government: Officer requested.

He was rigid as wall, a dogmatic naxal whose bastion comes from the barrel of gun.

Have you forgotten your previous defeat when you and your whole battalion bit the dust? Even we were only 40 while you had rich ordnance which is now ours, thank you for leveraging our ammunition. We’ll overthrow you and the government too one day by the barrel of gun: Kevi shouted.

Every naxal unanimously replied yes after him.

We all were imprisoned whole night and that officer was out of our vision, we didn’t know where would he be?

In the morning our eyes was closed. They didn’t want us to see where were we going, we were moved somewhere we didn’t know. One of the naxals announced whoever would try to see would be shot.

There we were given some food to eat. Ryan was so hungry that he devoured the whole food in a minute. After eating the whole food he realized what it was. It was boiled salted rice, eew: he yelled. These tribes were like duck to water, they were well adapted to these pathetic conditions.

I was looking at the whole village, these were kucche house of mud, kids were playing with some odds and ends, old woman was sitting mum holding a malnourished child. I was astonished looking at the condition of village. My curiosity enforced me to go to talk her about the condition. I could empathize their pain. Why these people even living in the plethora of raw natural resources; from where an urban people get pelf, having scarcity of food? I mused.

What happened to this child? Why is he not playing with others? He can’t walk; the old lackadaisical lady replied.

She then told: his son was in the army, they had huge land but one day when his son wasn’t here, local landlords along with grafted local police acquired there land illegally. When my son came back he was killed by the police, they accused him of rape. Government instead of paying homage, we were thrown out of the village.

This whole act stimulated something in me. I was trying let off steam. I was in pain and could feel tremors. I wanted every tribe to come out of this. I couldn’t condone what was happening with them. I went back to ryan. Ryan we should do something to change everything here,

They are not that bad as they seems.

Are you gone nut? shrut! What the heck are you talking about? Man, what could we do? Try to get off from here as soon as possible.

No ryan, I’m citizen of India, I can’t see my country fighting on this trivial matters, till now it is endemic, I want to stop it before it gets spread all over the country. I can’t see my country suffering. I’ll have to do something.

What will you do then?

I don’t know. But I want to earmark my whole life for these tribes.

That day went off. We were sent back to imprisonment. That whole night I couldn’t sleep. At night ryan also agreed with me, he said; what I was victim of in Australia is happening in my own country but the form, the way it is happening is different there they call it racism here we call it regionalism. It is made by us, these discrimination is in our mind and is human born, above all is humanism brother, which is god made.

It was night 02:30; I was looking at the moon which I love to do every time whenever I’m in need of something. I’ve to hack some way out to get the job done. I got a scrap of paper swaying into the prison at my hand. I stretched my hand to get a flicker of light so as to read that paper.


He was not the lawyer, he was the teacher.

Sorry regards………..

Ryan I got the job cut out for us, we’ll change their minds it’s a long term process though but it’ll definitely work.

What are you talking? I’m not getting anything, explain me shrut in detail.

Change can be made by sowing the good seeds, one day these seeds will be tree. Cutting the tree (violence) is not the solution because it will infest the seeds which would in turn aggravate the problem. Ryan, we’ll teach their children, we’ll sow good seeds. We’ll make them aware of everything which they are unaware of.

A tribesman came, he then closed our eyes. It was morning 05:30. And then we moved. This time we were moving away from the jungle, I asked one of the tribesman; where are we going?

You people are now free to go.

No! No! I don’t want to go back. I shouted.

Move straight else you would be killed: tribesman said.

No! I need to talk your head.

You can’t talk to him, move straight.

After urging a lot, he finally agreed, but allowed only me to talk to his head.

Hello sir, I and my friend want to stay here forever; we don’t want to go back.

No, you can’t stay here, it is our land and it is only us who are allowed to live on this land. What would you do here?

I want to teach children of your village so that they may access technology and may support you. I just want to support you and your village. After lot of persuasion he finally agreed.

Today we are teaching children of that village, and changing their minds, in fact nurturing.

P.S The above story is a fabricated one it has no connection of any type with any one.


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