Internal Security and Hon. Mr. P. Chidambaram.


PoK and Aksai chin


I’m not a politician or any diplomat, neither BJP nor INC nor any other body paying me to write this. I’m writing this only because I found MR P.Chidambaram a prolific thinker and his view from outside is on my table.

P.Chidambaram, an atheist and currently Home minister of India under INC regime,  contains liberal view(as we would expect from any Harvard student), works for the empowerment of India, concerned greatly about the internal security  right from the time when he dived into the mud of politics. As you can read his reflex to the 13 December parliament attack under the BJP led government that even after the attack, there was no drop in the figure of infiltration in kargil which deputy PM L.K.Advani deprived at first and later accepted though. He not only raised the weakness of the government but had some right suggestion to outfit terrorism.

Mr Bush, in record time formed the Homeland security department, and concentrated all authority to counter terrorist activity in that department after 9/11 attack, realizing their very existence as a nation was in danger. America’s quick response did the great job, it triggered chidambarams’ psyche to create a separate ministry of internal affairs, however we’r still waiting minister and his ministry as farmer looks for the monsoon who can guarantee security and thereby suffers a drought at last. Farmers are soon going to hear the noise of black clouds, clouds are gathered, will fall or not don’t know but is  sounding loud, the Home ministry has convened a conference of chief ministers to discuss internal security, hope chidambaram’s wish may come true. Eight years after 13/12 parliament attack  and one year  after 26/11 Mumbai terror attack why is there brisk neuron movement in his mind, however it was there in his mind from so long but was in passive state, all of sudden he pacified his action of separate ministry, there could be only one reason, Pakistan’s straight-forward statement- “can’t guarantee more 26/11 like attacks”, which is ultimately the outcome of Pakistan’s players negligence in the IPL auction.

Home ministry is doing good, concerned about the security of its citizen. Ministry’s work is really laudable as they got success in diffusing 9-10 Mumbai like terror attacks. Ministry is doing 100% job??

Ministry is doing job but not 100%, in the years between 47-49s, Pakistan started intrusion activity to fight on two issues water and root of the dispute- Kashmir the other, so the outcome of those intrusions is now in front of you in the form of POK(Pakistan occupied Kashmir), now they are controlling terrorist activity from their new land. A vis-a-vis activities again started but this time from Asia’s biggest economy China,  not from Pakistan. A world famous  Chinese proverb- “better do in inches than in yards”, this is what they have been doing and gained a rich amount of land  and still looking for more and doing their proliferation activity- construction of roads and marking on the rocks on the disputed part between India and china, the thing is not limited to here only, both(pak-chin) working together to gain resources and confidential information about India,. the reason to do so is already known to us with respect to Pakistan, while why china- to destabilize the economy of  India by doing infiltration and other illegal activities(illegal transportation of waste goods to India ).

why India doesn’t handle international disputes of land with china diplomatically or waiting for more intrusions or losing more land why not India should initiate a bilateral talk with china and resolve the issue, instead of sitting aside keeping finger on the lips, Mr. chidambaram really deserves pat on his back, but the government as a overall doesn’t deserve so.


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