Life ain’t the BED OF ROSES. But Never LOSE


Every day thinking I’d start it from today, I’d start it from today, but I’m still waiting for that day when I’d have started. Is it the desire which is belittle or the passion not ample, but I know one thing that I’d never lose, however, stumbling motion turns me out of harmony , the race I’m contender of. Sometimes I’m doleful, gazing at my scene that I’m languished not even having a little feather movement, sometimes I think god is not with me, but we all know god is making you tougher, he’s strengthening your shoulder to make you get ready for big fight,  it inspires me. Nevertheless I work smartly even sometimes hard, pessimism grabs me as if I’m fighting to come out of cobweb. God has challenged me or I’m challenging god.

I’ll work, I’ll never lose, I’ll plume myself on my achievement what I’ve desired of.


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